My philosophy on dragons and painting them.

       Working with and painting dragons has been my life’s work up to this point. As I mentioned in my last blog post, it has been quite a journey. I see them everywhere and have for years, like a film stretched across the surface of my eyes overlaying their world with our own. Sometimes they come in strong and intense. They want to be painted right NOW, and there’s nothing I can do but to paint them. Those paintings I usually manage to get finished in a single day, or even a few hours. Sometimes they request to be painted several times. Asking for revisions or new looks and updated messages. Still others take years. Showing off flashes of who they are. More like an aftertaste that you just can't quite peg. These are the ones that frustrate me to no end. I get a glimpse and start excitedly sketching. Pencils flying everywhere, and yet can not get it quite right. They won’t let me start the actual painting till it’s completely right and they are happy with the finished images in my head, color at all. Regardless of how excited *I* am, that doesn’t matter. If they’re not ready to be put on paper there isn’t a lot I can do about it except wait it out. Sometimes for years. They rarely tell me why they're making me wait, but oftentimes I assume it’s to make sure I have the skills to get them down just the way they like. I have sketchbooks filled with these 1\2 finished dragons and I flip through them often. Listening to see if anyone is ready to finally come forward.

4 paintings of the same dragon over 16 years. The final will be painted later this

Thumbnail page featuring 2 dragons that have been painted, and many more that have not.

Not gonna lie, this is a huge reason I rarely take commissions. 

1) I tend to have several projects rolling at once, and 

2) The Dragons know which ones they want to come forward and when. I have zero control over that. 

I will say they tend to come forward in clusters. All 4 elements will come in at once, or all space dragons, several kois, etc. It’s worked out well as I go deeper into the world of oracle deck making, and because of this I have several, SEVERAL more decks planned out. 

       The Dragons have never been mean or aggressive, and even as a chiId have never seen them as such. They can be fickle and excitable though. Oftentimes as excited to find someone willing to talk with them as a I am to paint them. Each one is very different with their own personalities and desires for our world. I don’t hear messages for specific people, but more as a collective. Once they are on the page and released to the world, they find those who are ready and willing to hear their messages. That is always a magical moment, especially in my booth at shows. It never gets old watching someone looking through the stacks of prints and finding the one dragon that is reaching out to them, asking them to listen. There is a change that comes over their face and they zone out, touching other dimensions briefly while dragons whisper in their ears. It’s beautiful and I am humbled every time I get to witness it. Pure Magick, every time. 

    I’m not sure I agree with the idea that people have dragon souls. Dragons vibrate on a MUCH HIGHER level than we do, and it never made sense to me personally. But I do believe that people can have dragon guides, and that those guides may, or may not, change over time depending on what we need. I currently have 2, one that I have had for a very long time, and a newer one that has shown herself as I prepare to change into the next cycle of my life. I have never painted my own dragons as they have requested that I don’t, and you don’t go against a dragon's wishes, full stop. Especially if they are the reason you can pay your bills. I do believe that dragons are real though. They exist on every continent and in the myths and legends of all peoples who once lived, or currently live, on our earth. We find them in almost every point throughout history and to this day continue to be fascinated by them. Dragons are big business in games, film, tv, books, and even as toys. Something about them fascinates us down to our souls. For me personally they exist along with us, just...a side step over. In a dimension that overlaps our own. Fairies and the like also reside in this realm. We can sense them, and sometimes see them, but not all the time, and not strongly. We have lost much of ourselves that could interact with this realm over the generations, but we can still FEEL them. Their power, and their messages. And sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can even see them.

Unfortunately, I have a hard time seeing the Dragon Guides for other people, as they only come to me when they’re ready to be painted, and usually dragons guides only want to be seen by a precious few people. You can ask your dragon if they would like to be painted and send them my direction. Though, I should warn you that there is a line, but it does happen. I have had many people tell me that I have painted *Their* dragon, which is always exciting to see.

    I don’t really channel or ask for dragons to come forward. I’m finding the better I get at my craft the faster they come on, especially now that I’m working in oracle. From late 2016 to early 2020 I painted over 200 dragon paintings. A total of 3 oracle decks, 2 calendars, and several stand alone paintings, yet I still feel wildly behind. In comparison in 2012 I think I painted 6. Granted, I was able to drop to part time at my day job then quit in early 2020, which opened up a lot of time, but that’s still a lot of paintings, and I have lists and sketches that are ready to see the light of day. This year I have a few big projects while trying to work on stand alone paintings to get through the list a bit. I’d like to leave the last quarter of the year empty and open to any new dragon energies that might come forward, but we’ll see how that goes. Everything seems to be taking longer than it has in the past….thanks 2020!

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