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Background collections consist of 4 various ratios of computer backgrounds, a cell phone background, and a tablet background.

Newly Added! Facebook Graphic Kit!
A perfectly sized header image, profile pic with matching dragon or other closeup, and 3-5 quote graphics featuring the same dragon for sharing! (adding in Pillars of Creation and later)

You will need to save the file to your device and unzip to access the images.



Downloading these images does NOT grant rights them to be duplicated, copied, modified or adapted, in any way other than their intended use. They can not be used for monetary gains or for branding. I retail full copyright. If you are interested in licensing any of the work you see here please Contact Me

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Watcher at the Divine Gateway
Red dragon soaring though a nebula
Galactic Entrancement
Blue Dragon in space, his black wings cupped around a yellow and pink spiral galaxy
Pillars of Creation
Echoes of Light
Watcher at the Gateway of Knowledge
Red dragon sitting on the top of a book shelf in a library. Behind the dragon is a stained glass window featuring a tree with golden apples from the tree of knowledge. Nestled in the dragons tail is a blue open book. He is turned, reading the book.