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Watcher at the Gateway of Knowledge

Dragon Art: Red dragon sitting on a bookshelf filled with book in a library. There is a stained glass window with an apple tree set behind him.

The Watchers: Red dragons who watch over the places where our world brushes against others. These dragons stand vigilance and keep those who wander too close from falling through these gateways. However, if you are ready to cross into another realm, they will allow it. The Watcher at the gateway of Knowledge keeps an eye over the most ancient and scared of knowledge. Books have been written about all things and contain the collective knowledge of mankind. If you seek that knowledge you will have to stand ready and face this watcher. 

Her Message to You:

Somewhere you are lacking in knowledge to reach the next step in your endeavor. It's time to get back to basics, do some research, and discover where the gaps in your information are. Reach out to those who have ancient and sacred knowledge, be it a person or in book form. Listen to your soul, it will know where to look. Seeking knowledge is always a worthwhile endeavor.

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