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Watcher at the Gateway of Awakening

Dragon art: A red dragon wrapped around a tree that is cracked open, it has lights spilling out and 7 rainbow glowing lights representing the 7 chakras.

The Watchers: Red dragons who watch over the places where our world brushes against others. These dragons stand vigilance and keep those who wander too close from falling through these gateways. However, if you are ready to cross into another realm, they will allow it. The Watcher at the gateway of Awakening keeps watch over the upper planes of existence. The gateway to Nirvana. If you wish to find Nirvana, you will need to prove your worth to this Draconic Being.  

Her Message to you:

It is time to seek alignment and balance with the universe. Work on yourself, your thoughts, ideas, and emotions. Open yourself to possibilities that you once considered out of reach and stretch your psyche past your boundaries. You are part of a much larger Whole, how can you be more present and aligned with that Whole? Seek Her guidance when you feel you are ready, then stretch a bit farther.

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