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Pillars of Creation

A purple dragon with black wings soars upwards, the Eagle Nebula, or Pillars of Creation, is seen in the background.
Pillars of Creation:

Swiftly she soars through the silence of space. She is the energy and the embodiment of this nebula, the Pillars of Creation. Ever connected, she is of it and it's keeper, tending the stars over the millennials as it turns and expands ever onward through space. She revels in the beauty that we can just now see, and may never fully understand during our lifetime.

Her Message to you:

Create. No matter what it is, no matter how “good” or “bad” you think you are, just  create. Revel in your creativity, experiment and play. Not FOR anyone or anything. No need to fear judgement, for this moment of inspiration is for no one but yourself. It's the ACT of creating that matters, not the end product. Then do it again.

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