Star Dancer

"Dancing in the space between darkness and light, her body undulates. Moving gracefully to a music that has been drifting in the nothingness for as long as there has been time. The melody of the stars and the moving of the planets is what guides her moments. Playfully twisting to and fro with a harmony that we can not hear. She has done her dance for an eternity and will continue even after we are gone, scales shining with starlight. She who loves dancing with the stars."

Source Dragons: These Great Dragons, usually black or dark blue in color, are source dragons. They are the source of all things not only in our universe, but the source of out ideas, inspiration, or wisdom. The entirety of the cosmos swirls in their chest as their heart.  
    If you need to break through an artist or writers block, generate some ideas, or create something new, seek out these dragons and ask for help and guidance.