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First Breath of Winter

Dragon Art: White ice dragon blowing frost onto falling leaves from a red and gold maple tree.

First Breath of Winter

Leaves crunch and crackle under his great talons. The sparkling white dragon steps forth into the forest and softly blows on the leaves still clinging to the breaches of the trees. Frost begins to form on the edges of the leaves, leaving a trace of icy fractals. These frozen bits of foliage drift softly to the ground. The first harbingers of the deep chill that is to come. He is the Winter Dragon, bringing the changing season of ice and cold to the world.

His Message to you

Personal change comes slowly. It stirs with the breath and starts so gently we almost don’t notice it. In order to make good and consistent change, start small. I know you want to change everything you can right now, but that only leads to overwhelm and burn out. Stop, make plans, and start with the smallest thing that you can change today. Then do it again tomorrow, then the next day, and the next in order to build good habits. Soon you will see bigger and bigger changes that will lead you down a road to lasting life changes for the better. He will walk with you on this journey.

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