Jewels of Spring Porcelain Ornaments

Jewels of Spring Porcelain Ornaments

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Need a dragon for your Yule or christmas tree, window, car mirror, or altar space? This is the one for you. At a perfect small 2.75in size you can add a hint of dragon energy anywhere to any space. A tiny reminder in your life that they are always with us. With a dragon gorgeously printed on each side, you can choose which version suites you and your space.

Ceramic ornaments come with red strings for hanging. Wipe clean with non-abrasive cleaning pad and mild soap or surface cleaner as needed.


      Due to demand and Carla being a working artist, please allow 7-14 business days (4-21 for non US orders) for shipping. Items may be shipping from separate warehouses and may arrive in separate containers. Thank you for understanding.